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Spell check of unwrap

Correct spelling: unwrap

soften, undo, wear, debunk, give out, tell on, husk, hear, unclothe, put out, scupper, fall in, offend, better, expose, see, strip, intermit, denounce, get out, split, display, shop, go against, collapse, transgress, cave in, bare, infract, develop, notice, grass, pause, uncover, light upon, bust, divest, founder, unroll, let loose, go, go bad, strip away, disclose, fall apart, release, demote, snitch, untie, describe, lay open, introduce, divulge, unmake, die, denude, break out, fall upon, discontinue, utter, emit, get a line, unsheathe, unveil, chance upon, peel, come upon, produce, detect, fail, kick downstairs, weaken, part, bankrupt, free, ruin, bring on, burst, issue, key out, break up, damp, break down, uncase, set off, break off, interrupt, get word, flay, give, snap off, breach, find, key, identify, lay bare, let out, shuck, strike, endanger, find out, stag, stop, exhibit, separate, let on, give away, check, attain, loosen, smash, get around, dampen, publish, conk out, learn, betray, come across, break in, wear out, pick up, happen upon, recrudesce, chance on, throw back, come apart, rat, name, break away, split up, widen, fracture, unpack, get wind, observe, erupt, dismantle, distinguish, bump, reveal, violate, relegate, give way, bring out, discover, break-dance, peril, break.

wrap, wrap up.

Examples of usage:

1) He was watching her narrowly as he spoke, and his glance deepened in intensity as he handed over the little packet and watched her unwrap the paper. - "The Rayner-Slade Amalgamation", J. S. Fletcher.

2) She saw many good blankets and pillows, and she unwrapped that which was wrapped, and when she had finished to unwrap she saw it was a pretty lady- none equal to her- and she was frightened. - "Traditions of the Tinguian: A Study in Philippine Folk-Lore", Fay-Cooper Cole.

3) " Princesses," she exclaimed, " shut your eyes, while I unwrap her. - "A Christmas Posy", Mary Louisa Stewart Molesworth.