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Spell check of unbind

Correct spelling: unbind

loosen, discharge, free, break, disentangle, disperse, tighten, disconnect, disenthrall, enfranchise, release, unclasp, clear, enlarge, disengage, unloose, ease, spring, slip, undo, unfetter, detach, unchain, uncage, unfasten, untie, disarticulate, excuse, loose, manumit, reprieve, unloosen, liberate, disjoin, disencumber, unleash, emancipate, unlash, diverge.

fasten, lace, trammel, handcuff, intern, braid, jail, interlace, fetter, incarcerate, confine, immure, subdue, enslave, subjugate, conquer, shackle, tie, lock, tangle, entangle, manacle, interweave, bind, lash, enchain, wind, restrain, commit, snarl, knot, imprison.

Examples of usage:

1) But before all, Yvonne, unbind your golden hair That its brightness may shine within these prison walls, And sing to me that your heart is still mine. - "The Green Forest Fairy Book", Loretta Ellen Brady.

2) Unbind it, all four of those skin- tight braids. - "Amarilly of Clothes-line Alley", Belle K. Maniates.

3) " Unbind the prisoner," ordered Dupin. - "The Missourian", Eugene P. (Eugene Percy) Lyle.