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Spell check of scram

Correct spelling: scram

engender, arrive, perplex, incur, find, nonplus, make, generate, obtain, make off, waste one's time, hightail, dumbfound, bolt, aim, have, scoot, arse about, get down, bum, gravel, approach, vex, start, drive, bewilder, sire, amaze, take, convey, pay back, lounge about, mother, skip out, loll, grow, run off, sustain, receive, fetch, draw, set out, vamoose, come, dash off, abandon, skedaddle, baffle, loll around, bugger off, take off, pay off, arse around, set about, begin, suffer, bum about, flummox, clear off, buzz off, acquire, bring, catch, experience, clear out, puzzle, capture, develop, shoot off, jack off, stick, cause, father, mystify, induce, lounge around, bring forth, run, stimulate, bum around, hightail it, become, get out, get, commence, arrest, loaf, frig around, produce, fix, go, let, stupefy, pose, beat, beget, she-bop, hotfoot, start out, fuck off, get under one's skin, contract.

Examples of usage:

1) The pitchman's scowl was a menace; his voice bitter: Go on, scram. - "The Glory of Ippling", Helen M. Urban.

2) But now scram, kids. - "Across the Fruited Plain", Florence Crannell Means.

3) You'd better scram, Larry. - "Anchorite", Randall Garrett.