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Spell check of scoring

Correct spelling: scoring

supposing, abrading, summarizing, composing, detailing, gauging, hurting, measuring, approximating, concluding, determining, fetching, framing, woodcut, appraising, presuming, designing, calibrating, fixing, grouping, casting, obtaining, reaping, counting, taking, auditing, regulating, cleaving, valuing, controlling, splitting, leveling, scaling, buying, defecting, recounting, studying, reckoning, recording, etching, stabilizing, subordinating, organizing, scraping, winning, chipping, balancing, mezzotint, settling, bagging, filing, mediating, cutting, sorting, scheduling, impression, booking, unsnarling, harmonizing, marker, lithograph, normalizing, assuming, harvesting, devising, landing, photogravure, tabling, storing, luring, forming, establishing, mark, disfiguring, getting, scheming, setting, staining, computing, ranking, netting, programming, shaping, acquiring, blistering, defacing, fracturing, tainting, arranging, sifting, unifying, engraving, considering, purchasing, judging, spoiling, procuring, noting, claiming, ordering, calculating, collecting, inventorying, slitting, photoengraving, damaging, adding, rating, cracking, evaluating, weighing, marking, totaling, integrating, grading, accounting, scratching, adjusting, registering, checking, supporting, maintaining, deforming, testing, accumulating, spotting, pigeonholing, surveying, figuring, dividing, receiving, estimating, listing, securing, catching, planning, typing, screening, preparing, separating, thinking, plotting, placing, guessing, wrangling.

Examples of usage:

1) By scoring deeply with a sharp knife each row of kernels on an ear of corn, the pulp may be pressed out with a knife. - "The Myrtle Reed Cook Book", Myrtle Reed.

2) He had been scoring all day- sufficient reason for early retirement. - "Melomaniacs", James Huneker.

3) Can we keep them from scoring, do you think? - "The Crimson Sweater", Ralph Henry Barbour.