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Spell check of etching

Correct spelling: etching

mezzotint, reproduction, caricature, chalcography, scoring, cartoon, diptych, zincography, lithograph, bas-relief, photogravure, lino cut, biting, engraving, lithographing, copperplate, doodle, impression, woodcut, cutting, aquatint, xylography, drawing, photoengraving, daub, abstract, collage, print, canvas, picture, lino print.

Examples of usage:

1) In Henry Duryea the blood drained slowly from his face and left a purple etching across the bridge of his nose and above his eyes. - "Doom of the House of Duryea", Earl Peirce.

2) The Frenchman's almost Greek- like fashion of regarding life in profile, his etching of its silver- tipped angles, made an irresistible appeal to her; and she vainly endeavored to catch his crisp, restrained style, his masterly sense of form. - "Melomaniacs", James Huneker.

3) She was quite unmindful of the landscape, gray and brown and black in the waning light of the misshapen and belated moon, and she was far from knowing that the man she was making this journey to save would have thought her a fitting central figure in the soft blur of the Millet- like etching of which she formed a part. - "Stories of the Foot-hills", Margaret Collier Graham.