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Spell check of kindly

Correct spelling: kindly

benign, beneficent, companionable, sociable, likeable, compassionately, open-mindedly, kind, courteously, fond, salutary, advantageous, eleemosynary, affectionate, leniently, humane, neighborly, benevolently, benevolent, helpfully, compassionate, considerately, sweetly, friendly, generous, quietly, peaceably, genial, altruistic, benignly, benefic, philanthropic, openhearted, politely, softhearted, altruistically, benignant, sympathetic, merciful, gently, attitude, profitable, warmhearted, affable, liberally, softly, sympathetically, harmonic, humanely, warmly, accessible, laxly, peacefully, cordial, goodhearted, large-hearted, moderately, kindhearted, tenderhearted, amiably, favorable, helpful, cordially, complaisant, generously, brotherly, charitable, genially, delicately, well-disposed, mildly, good-hearted, chivalrously, freehearted, tenderly, good, motherly, amicable, likable, social, tender, hearty, meekly, appealing, unselfishly, loving, tolerantly, evenly.

deleterious, inconsiderate, insensate, adverse, brute, grim, distant, cold-blooded, hateful, antagonistic, inhumane, brutish, insalubrious, unkind, harsh, cold, inhuman, unthinking, unkindly, virulent, pitiless, bellicose, indifferent, unfeeling, harmful, estranged, bad, thoughtless, ruthless, unhelpful, uncharitable, sadistic, contentious, savage, damaging, merciless, malevolent, stonyhearted, hard-boiled, bestial, stern, mean, frigid, uncompassionate, hostile, inimical, heartless, brutal, unsentimental, truculent, unfavorable, disaffected, spiteful, barbaric, disadvantageous, nasty, unprofitable, unfriendly, malignant, heavy-handed, callous, wanton, fiendish, vicious, uncaring, atrocious, unsympathetic, cruel, severe, belligerent, alienated, injurious, barbarous, warlike, insensitive, hard-hearted, malign, tough, ironhearted, malicious.

Examples of usage:

1) " I think I could promise myself as much," said Mary, smiling kindly on him. - "The Martins Of Cro' Martin, Vol. II (of II)", Charles James Lever.

2) But do you suppose you can ever think kindly of me again? - "The Locusts' Years", Mary Helen Fee.

3) Think kindly of me as I do of you. - "The Locusts' Years", Mary Helen Fee.