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Spell check of bountiful

Correct spelling: bountiful

grown, prominent, free-hearted, lush, chivalrous, free-handed, greathearted, boastful, pregnant, freehearted, beneficent, good, widely, abundant, fertile, humanitarian, alms-giving, sufficient, huge, full-grown, liberal, tolerant, plentiful, handsome, adequate, kind, large-minded, braggart, hospitable, galore, good-hearted, charitable, considerable, prolific, open, prosperous, better-looking, benevolent, freehand, vainglorious, openhanded, constructive, teeming, gracious, noble, with child, bad, aplenty, loose, well-favoured, fine-looking, broad, unsparing, executive, high, well-favored, bragging, good-looking, extensive, freehanded, open-hearted, magnanimous, rich, profitable, cornucopian, enceinte, bounteous, plenteous, generous, plenitudinous, plenty, fruitful, motherly, high-minded, considerate, substantial, great, fecund, ample, free, fully grown, crowing, kind-hearted, gravid, enormous, adult, bighearted, lavish, compassionate, productive, giving, cock-a-hoop, selfless, braggy, altruistic, disinterested, unselfish, large, self-aggrandizing, copious, comfortable, munificent, enough, neighborly, swelled, self-aggrandising, big-hearted, expectant, grownup, humane, open-handed, voluminous, fulsome, big, satisfactory, give, unstinting, creative, parturient, heavy, philanthropic.

envious, sterile, least, parsimonious, coveting, miserly, mean, uncharitable, illiberal, meager, acquisitive, chary, infertile, skimpy, penurious, itchy, petty, close, bare, unproductive, selfish, covetous, barren, closefisted, grasping, light, resentful, grudging, thrifty, hoggish, scant, frugal, stingy, avaricious, stinting, inadequate, spare, avid, begrudging, slight, mingy, tight, desirous, insufficient, small, costive, deficient, sparing, ignoble, lacking, minimum, niggardly, mercenary, rapacious, cheap, unfruitful, ungenerous, minimal, wanting, tightfisted, greedy.

Examples of usage:

1) As the meal, which was bountiful, proceeded, he now and then spoke to the men; but Florence confined her attention to Alison, until at length she addressed Thorne. - "A Prairie Courtship", Harold Bindloss.

2) A minute or two later they came out from behind the barn into view of the house and Thorne saw that a bountiful meal was already spread out on the grass in front of it. - "A Prairie Courtship", Harold Bindloss.

3) Lower Charleswood had seemed as an oasis in the wilderness and the employment offered by Sir Jacques too bountiful to be real. - "The Orchard of Tears", Sax Rohmer.