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Spell check of engaging

Correct spelling: engaging

leasing, luring, driving, contracting, loving, scrambling, captivating, combating, tempting, assaying, spicy, enchanting, conflicting, undertaking, scuffling, harming, fetching, aiming, pleasing, seductive, salty, dashing, fighting, prepossessing, committing, savoury, arresting, pleasant, charismatic, approaching, endeavoring, immersing, agreeable, involving, zesty, proceeding, magnetic, contesting, amiable, telegenic, elfin, intriguing, acting, benignant, struggling, absorbing, volunteering, likable, employing, savory, venturing, fascinating, renting, like, glamorous, engrossing, gentle, battling, performing, good-natured, pretty, attempting, charming, enticing, maneuvering, elegant, campaigning, kind, lovable, bewitching, attractive, consuming, taking, personable, enthralling, appealing, tussling, entrancing, riveting, alluring, lovely, gripping, winsome, sweet, winning, exploiting, piquant.

crusty, sickening, repelling, monotonous, ill-tempered, irksome, awful, flat, disagreeable, obnoxious, uninteresting, horrid, revolting, gruff, drab, disheartening, abhorrent, shocking, crabbed, horrendous, operose, discouraging, dogged, hateful, sullen, heavy, unattractive, ill-humored, churlish, demoralizing, tedious, unlovely, acrimonious, dispiriting, dreary, ponderous, repellent, noisome, abominable, appalling, humdrum, surly, boring, odious, dry, sour, jading, tiring, repugnant, sterile, distasteful, tiresome, pedantic, dull, pedestrian, loathsome, hideous, nauseating, invidious, wearying, wearisome, unamiable, leaden, unexciting, horrible, cruel, ill-natured, offensive, repulsive, morose.

Examples of usage:

1) " My dear doctor," he exclaimed in an engaging manner, and with a friendly shake of the hand. - "The Dead Lake and Other Tales", Paul Heyse.

2) Mr. Dainopoulos could imagine him engaging Mr. Spokesly's interest tremendously with the story of those men waiting for their stores in Phyros. - "Command", William McFee.

3) As long as she was doing things she felt herself on safe ground; it was the folding hands afterwards to talk to our terribly engaging visitor that she dreaded. - "The Debit Account", Oliver Onions.