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Spell check of disparity

Correct spelling: disparity

asymmetry, divergence, counterpoint, incongruity, otherness, distinctiveness, contrariety, abnormality, diversity, contradiction, distinction, collision, variation, disproportionateness, disaccord, dissemblance, inconsistency, deviation, discrimination, dissimilitude, distinctness, contrast, variety, disproportion, diverseness, clash, multifariousness, variance, inequality, disagreement, divergency, discord, disunity, distance, same, unlikeness, divarication, agree, aberration, mismatch, disparateness, discrepance, non-uniformity, incompatibility, difference, discrepancy, conflict, separateness, dissimilarity, gap.

homogeneity, conformity, consonance, homogeneousness, harmony, uniformity, parallelism, equivalency, identity, sameness, agreement, accordance, resemblance, unity, analogy, likeness, similarity, equality, similitude, equivalence, community, identicalness, correspondence, alikeness, congruity.

Examples of usage:

1) He was very much surprised, and notwithstanding his great dislike to disparity of years, he regretted her refusal deeply. - "Lady-John-Russell", MacCarthy, Desmond.

2) She said she was too old to think it necessary to be what is called desperately in love, and without feeling that his age was an objection or that the disparity was too great, yet, she said, if he had been a younger man she would have decided long ago. - "Lady-John-Russell", MacCarthy, Desmond.

3) Her mother was now perfectly happy about the marriage, though the disparity of age, and fears about the great responsibility her daughter was undertaking in the care of a young family- one boy and five girls- had undoubtedly made her anxious. - "Lady-John-Russell", MacCarthy, Desmond.