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Spell check of inequality

Correct spelling: inequality

contrast, diversity, contradiction, injustice, aberration, dissemblance, divergence, non-uniformity, discrimination, disunity, mismatch, disagreement, counterpoint, favoritism, contrariety, nepotism, inconsistency, disproportion, clash, roughness, variance, partiality, jaggedness, unlikeness, asymmetry, difference, unevenness, disparity, dissimilitude, deviation, variety, separateness, disproportionateness, crookedness, irregularity, variation, abnormality, cruelty, bias, same, straight, smooth, imbalance, favorite, conflict, discrepancy, distinction, distinctness, dissimilarity, cronyism, inequity.

equality, uniformity, likeness, resemblance, similarity, unity, agreement, identity, consonance, harmony, sameness.

Examples of usage:

1) Peter could never claim to have been intimate with him- their relationship had been founded on an inequality, on a recognition from Peter of Cards' superiority. - "Fortitude", Hugh Walpole.

2) Ah, the great social problem of dire poverty and purse- proud wealth, this startling inequality of possession and position, this paucity of sustenance on the one hand and plethora of means on the other, which presents itself in every populous community all over the globe! - "The Story of Malta", Maturin M. Ballou.

3) Every reference to their inequality of condition seemed to affect him like an insult; and on the back of one of her letters there was written in pencil, " Does she imagine I ever forget from what I took her; or that the memory is a pleasant one?" - "That Boy Of Norcott's", Charles James Lever.