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Spell check of bolshevik

Correct spelling: bolshevik

bolshie, the ANC, bolshy, Bolshevistic, anarchist, Communist, fellow traveler, revolutionary, rebel, Marxist, redness, Bolshevist, pinko, Soviet, the HUAC, radical, the labor movement, Comrade, extremist, red, loss, the House Un-American Activities Committee, red ink, commie.

Examples of usage:

1) White heard the news that our American colonists had turned Bolshevik because of the traditional skill of the administrators of other people's affairs at Whitehall. - "Waiting for Daylight", Henry Major Tomlinson.

2) I did not fear him because I saw that he was not a Bolshevik and later had confirmation of this. - "Beasts, Men and Gods", Ferdinand Ossendowski.

3) It seemed that Kanine was a Bolshevik, the agent of the Irkutsk Soviet, and stationed here for purposes of observation. - "Beasts, Men and Gods", Ferdinand Ossendowski.