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Spell check of communist

Correct spelling: communist

Bolshevist, apparatchik, agitator, comrade, Bolshevik, revisionist, communistic, Maoist, Bolshie, Stalinist, Socialist, radical, pinko, sympathizer, commie, Soviet, Trotskyite, Red, Marxist, Leninist, fellow traveler.


Examples of usage:

1) Property itself is theft, says the communist. - "The Expositor's Bible: The Book of Exodus", G. A. Chadwick.

2) Feuerbach personally never became a communist, for he says his principle was neither egoism nor communism, but the combination of both. - "Contemporary Socialism", John Rae.

3) While in Brussels, Marx received an invitation from the London Central Committee of the Communist League to join that society. - "Contemporary Socialism", John Rae.