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Spell check of bestial

Correct spelling: bestial

animalistic, ferocious, fishy, fell, sexual abuse, feral, reptilian, savage, stolid, pitiless, bestiality, feline, kind, swinish, hard, vile, bondage, wild, wolfish, ignorant, perversion, ferine, incest, animal, subhuman, canine, fetishism, insensible, sadomasochism, brute, hateful, unintellectual, sensual, inhumane, beastly, coarse, vicious, rude, fierce, monstrous, unkind, pedophilia, vertebral, truculent, barbarous, awful, ruthless, rough, masochism, mammalian, depraved, brutish, base, imbruted, evil, uncharitable, sadism, lascivious, cruel, unspiritual, inhuman, carnal, amphibious, bird-like, ruminating, sottish, gross, brutal.

enlightened, genteel, noble, exalted, beneficent, lordly, great, high-minded, intellectual, compassionate, cultivated, kindhearted, greathearted, kind, angelic, intelligent, grand, elevated, benignant, sublime, kindly, good-hearted, benevolent, polished, lofty, well-bred, gallant, refined, tenderhearted, cultured, chivalrous, spiritual, humane, high, magnanimous, softhearted.

Examples of usage:

1) A shadow of alarm flashed over the bestial countenance. - "The Man from Jericho", Edwin Carlile Litsey.

2) Fit supporters are these for the arches of the Sanctuary as, at its very door, with claw and tooth they tear to pieces the bestial forms of vice and ignorance. - "Hospital Sketches", Robert Swain Peabody.

3) The tone pursued him, but he felt that it had a less bestial quality. - "Melomaniacs", James Huneker.