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Spell check of tabby

Correct spelling: tabby

taleteller, tabby cat, talebearer, tom, blab, yenta, world-beater, Persian, tattle, Burmese, calico cat, brindled, Manx, cat, patterned, rumormonger, king, Abyssinian, puss, Cheshire, brinded, female monarch, queen, telltale, brindle, gossiper, newsmonger, mouser, gossip, scandalmonger, tattler, Angora, whisperer, words, kitty, Siamese, Siamese cat, tomcat, gossipmonger, tattletale, queen regnant.

plain, unpatterned.

Examples of usage:

1) " Yes, he behaved very nicely," answered Cousin Tabby. - "Dot and Tot of Merryland", L. Frank Baum.

2) She could not tell if it were real until Tabby sprang with a purring, caressing sound, upon her shoulder, and rubbed her soft sides against her cap. - "Ethelyn's Mistake", Mary Jane Holmes.

3) Of all this she thought during the few minutes Mrs. Dr. Van Buren talked, and she sat passive in her chair, where she had dropped, with her dumpy little hands lying so helplessly in her lap, and her cap all awry, as Tabby had made it when purring and rubbing against it. - "Ethelyn's Mistake", Mary Jane Holmes.