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Spell check of Tabbies

Correct spelling: Tabbies

Examples of usage:

1) She was, of course, glad to go, but Maxwell's speeches were to her the abstract things of life; the concrete things at this moment were the delicious dinner which was before her and the fact that in the barn, curled up in the hay, was a new family of kittens- little tabbies like their adoring mother. - "The Gay Cockade", Temple Bailey.

2) He might shun the firesides of the old women whose tabbies were purring by their footstools, but these worthy dames do not make up the whole population. - "A Mortal Antipathy", Oliver Wendell Holmes, Sr..

3) And there wouldn't be anything for young people to do; the old tabbies, you know, can gossip about their neighbors, and the men can smoke. - "Floyd Grandon's Honor", Amanda Minnie Douglas.