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Spell check of haber

Correct spelling: haber

Fritz Haber.

Examples of usage:

1) One of these is Professor Haber, who has turned his knowledge to account for the manufacture of asphyxiating bombs, and who will doubtless not be forgotten. - "The Forerunners", Romain Rolland.

2) Whereas the Haber witnesses in the injunction suit were bringing proof of how seriously the business was being injured through the success of the girl pickets in maintaining the strike, and, the money loss, they assured the court was to be reckoned up in thousands of dollars. - "The Trade Union Woman", Alice Henry.

3) It will be noticed that Haber used for" there to be" makes Hay instead of Ha for the present indicative. - "Pitman's Commercial Spanish Grammar (2nd ed.)", C. A. Toledano.