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Spell check of gaboriau

Correct spelling: gaboriau

Emile Gaboriau.

Examples of usage:

1) In his narratives of this kind Poe anticipated the detective novels of Gaboriau and Wilkie Collins, the scientific hoaxes of Jules Verne, and, though in a less degree, the artfully worked up likeness to fact in Edward Everett Hale's Man Without a Country, and similar fictions. - "Brief History of English and American Literature", Henry A. Beers.

2) Criminal and legal subjects were great favourites with the late Emile Gaboriau, who naturalised in France the detective novel. - "A Short History of French Literature", George Saintsbury.

3) If " The Ring and the Book" were deflowered of its blooms of poetry and rendered into a prose narrative, it might interest a barrister " getting up" a criminal case, but it would be much inferior to, say, " The Moonstone"; its author would be insignificant beside the ingenious M. Gaboriau. - "Life of Robert Browning", William Sharp.