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Spell check of cackle

Correct spelling: cackle

jeering, chirp, yack, rage, twitter, bawl, tattle, confabulation, cachinnate, babble, gabble, sounds, quack, coo, cry, ululate, tête-à-tête, ululation, hoot, causerie, jabber, scream, palaver, prattle, boff, titter, purr, gobble, patter, crow, yell, call, trill, boffola, chuckle, neigh, chat, whinny, grunt, cuckoo, gab, hee-haw, blurt out, chin music, blurt, heehaw, jaw, laugh, squeal, yelp, rap, moo, bay, chortle, table talk, twaddle, natter, confab, bellow, twit, meow, mew, yakety-yak, guffaw, cachinnation, honk, howl, cluck, jangle, scoff, squawk, cheep, gossip, murmur, call out, bleat, shout, laughter, backchat, prate, chitchat, bray, yak, bark, belly laugh, small talk, snort, snigger, growl, roar, peal, horselaugh, snarl, giggle, caw, chant, schmooze, chin-wag, talk, chatter, gabfest, chattering, cry out, snicker, warble, blab.

frown, scowl, lower, moan, pout, wail, cry, groan, face, grimace, mouth.

Examples of usage:

1) Have done, he said, addressing the Dissenters, with this cackle about Peace and Union, and the Christian duties of moderation, which you raise now that you find " your day is over, your power gone, and the throne of this nation possessed by a Royal, English, true, and ever- constant member of and friend to the Church of England.... - "Daniel Defoe", William Minto.

2) Then rose the swift, shrill cackle of tongues around the Bishop. - "The Shepherd of the North", Richard Aumerle Maher.

3) Hardly had he reached this conclusion when a wild cackle arose that left no doubt about it. - "Ways of Wood Folk", William J. Long.