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Spell check of unfruitful

Correct spelling: unfruitful

unfertile, unsuccessful, infertile, childless, sterile, impotent, fallow, unproductive, acarpous, abortive, arid, poor, barren, hardscrabble, rich, stillborn, desert, fruitless, blasted, unprofitable.

bursting, fecund, fat, swarming, producing, productive, luxuriant, rich, fertilized, generative, potent, impregnated, yielding, bountiful, pregnant, blooming, enriched, procreative, prolific, plentiful, fertile, bacciferous, breeding, bearing, baccate, teeming, flourishing, reproductive, berried, fruitful.

Examples of usage:

1) But the two riper ladies, passionately preoccupied by Shoolbred, continued to dam up Ingeborg and her opposite neighbour into a stagnant and unfruitful isolation. - "The Pastor's Wife", Elizabeth von Arnim.

2) " Take this piece of silver so that the enterprise of the day may not have been unfruitful and depart with all speed on a homeward path. - "Kai Lung's Golden Hours", Ernest Bramah Commentator: Hilaire Belloc.

3) The snow, unfruitful and so pale. - "Poems of Emile Verhaeren", Emile Verhaeren.