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Spell check of tundra

Correct spelling: tundra

champaign, countryside, plain, grassland, veld, moor, pampa, sweep, field, down, steppe, desert, the mainland, heath, savanna, flatness, mesa, swath, llano, prairie, swathe, pampas, land mass, campo, subcontinent, plateau, lea.

Examples of usage:

1) The surroundings, however, are more picturesque than those of Middle Kolymsk, for a picturesque chain of mountains breaks the horizon to the eastward, although the remainder of the landscape consists of level and marshy tundra. - "From Paris to New York by Land", Harry de Windt.

2) We made rapid headway after this, for most of the way lay over tundra as smooth and flat as a billiard- table. - "From Paris to New York by Land", Harry de Windt.

3) For about six miles crossing the tundra they floundered in soft snow up to the waist, and finally reached their destination, wet through and exhausted, to find that the ship, probably scared by heavy pack ice, had disappeared to the southward. - "From Paris to New York by Land", Harry de Windt.