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Spell check of slight

Correct spelling: slight

niggling, gaunt, refined, name, niggardly, minute, peanut, elegant, wasted, lithesome, effete, light, excellent, trivial, pocket, insignificant, lithe, prostrate, sharp, Mickey Mouse, subtile, down-and-out, comminuted, Lilliputian, beautiful, inconsiderable, anorexic, shrimpy, dainty, insult, piffling, sensitive, flimsy, bantam, paltry, undersized, skinny, cold shoulder, beggarly, pint-size, sapped, sparse, lanky, smooth, thin, frivolous, pocket-size, toylike, enervated, teeny-weeny, gauzy, unsubstantial, exquisite, wimpy, measly, splendid, snub, fragile, teensy, gentle, piddly, subtle, appal, nugatory, softened, dwarfish, scrawny, unconvincing, petty, itty-bitty, sylphlike, infirm, fiddling, offence, scanty, minor, microscopic, soft, lissome, scant, pygmy, miserly, teeny, polished, petite, picayune, diminutive, meager, de minimis, svelte, clear, nice, tiny, asthenic, cut, compact, remote, minimal, wound, jibe, puny, deficient, stingy, incidental, keen, handsome, low, smallish, prostrated, slim, small, tenuous, wimpish, clarified, ungenerous, tender, repulse, affront, little, negligible, faint, moderate, weak, outside, dinky, slender, chicken, trifling, miniature, big, emaciated, lean, name-calling, offense, gangling, slur, rebuff, subnormal, frail, debilitated, underweight, unimportant, midget, minuscule, foolish, sparing, feeble, spare, wee, pure, delicate, lissom, shock, pimping, languid, fine, inconsequential, short, offend, urbane, strong, discreet, piddling, supple, modest, enfeebled, half-pint, footling, weakened, weeny, toy, kiss-off, inadequate, no-account, nominal, baby, small-fry, off.

energetic, fateful, leviathan, momentous, appreciable, jumbo, prominent, hardened, adequate, gross, major, bulky, oversize, capable, sound, weighty, valuable, Brobdingnagian, invigorated, monstrous, distinctive, sturdy, prestigious, big, Bunyanesque, athletic, decisive, elephantine, king-size, clumsy, hard, distinct, cavernous, bountiful, remarkable, husky, herculean, galactic, copious, fortified, colossal, competent, monolithic, grand, fundamental, fit, incalculable, material, pharaonic, renowned, humongous, energized, essential, sufficient, overbearing, substantial, cyclopean, meaningful, plentiful, massive, ample, heroic, huge, notorious, strong, robust, cosmic, abundant, strengthened, healthy, discernible, vitalized, monumental, famous, beefy, immeasurable, strapping, brawny, Himalayan, giant, lusty, able-bodied, wide, convalescing, whacking, measurable, worthwhile, rugged, tough, stout, outstanding, sinewy, heavy, preeminent, striking, illustrious, outsize, staggering, worthy, considerable, impressive, key, vigorous, inured, conspicuous, mountainous, rude, muscular, broad, hardy, titanic, toughened, boundless, tidy, consequential, liberal, sizable, voluminous, goodly, fat, virile, stupendous, powerful, eventful, hale, respectable, enormous, basic, good, all-important, pivotal, gargantuan, recovering, serious, noteworthy, largish, enough, tremendous, infinite, chief, great, mighty, generous, principal, handsome, eminent, stalwart, biggish, blunt, thick, plenteous, fatal, gigantic, coarse, whopping, red-blooded, dominant, mammoth, overriding, hefty, distinguished, prodigious, important, immense, overmastering, boxcar, hulking, significant, recuperating, vast, exceptional, large.

Examples of usage:

1) Throughout the entire advance northward I found there was some advantage in my Eskimo companions having some slight comprehension of the meaning of my aim. - "My Attainment of the Pole", Frederick A. Cook.

2) Then he placed his arm around the slight form by his side and gently drew her forward. - "The Man from Jericho", Edwin Carlile Litsey.

3) She sent her father a message every day, but it was always about the sick friend, who had taken a slight turn for the better, but would not consent for Julia to leave her. - "The Man from Jericho", Edwin Carlile Litsey.