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Spell check of runt

Correct spelling: runt

diminutive, manikin, mite, big game, he-man, gamine, punk, peewee, pewee, nobody, brute, arachnid, beast, biped, adult, giant, animal, scrub, hulk, pygmy, amazon, beast of burden, prawn, half-pint, amphibian, shrimp, midget, peewit, mannikin, Tom Thumb, colossus, nonentity, wood pewee, beanpole, bear, pewit, arthropod.

giant, whopper, whale, mammoth, colossus, leviathan, jumbo, behemoth, titan, monster.

Examples of usage:

1) He thess stayed stock- still ez long ez he found pleasure in bein' a little runt, an' then he humped hisself an' shot up same ez a sparrer- grass stalk. - "Sonny, A Christmas Guest", Ruth McEnery Stuart.

2) Then there was Christopher Runt wi' his pickaxe and shovel. - "Desperate Remedies", Thomas Hardy.