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Spell check of postulate

Correct spelling: postulate

drive, view, certify, shoot, collect, posit, usurp, gather up, idea, consume, presuppose, compete, strike, commitment, tenet, subscribe to, trust, hypothesize, philosophy, struggle, reckon, subscribe, inquire, doctrine, take away, film, direct, have, belief, call for, carry, pretend, suppose, select, read, certitude, show, invite, remove, assert, put forward, if, acquire, occupy, fill, hire, situate, get by, given, presumption, accept, rent, theory, regard, pick out, ingest, principle, prove, appropriate, faith, fix, make do, opinion, state, bring, thought, credence, lead, fence, contend, cope, enquire, propose, adopt, want, demand, point to, pick up, creed, choose, take up, make out, hold, supposition, withdraw, manage, make, conviction, vie, dogma, confirm, grapple, bespeak, arrogate, study, hypothetical, involve, admit, request, guide, get hold of, take in, learn, command, validate, need, take on, argue, take, affect, get, debate, premise, fight, ideal, necessitate, pack, presume, use up, charter, submit, ask, presupposition, require, support, quest, conduct, contain, predicate, guess, take aim, feign, claim, repugn, put on, consider, expect, deal, imply, engage, contest, lease, concept, train, aim, assume, exact, look at, convey, contract.

eliminate, obviate, rid of.

Examples of usage:

1) The essay on " The Postulate of Immediate Empiricism," first published in the Journal of Philosophy, Psychology, and Scientific Methods, in July, 1905, and later reprinted in the volume of collected essays, offers a convenient point of departure. - "John Dewey's logical theory", Delton Thomas Howard.

2) Dewey says: " By our postulate, things are what they are experienced to be; and, unless knowing is the sole and only genuine mode of experiencing, it is fallacious to say that Reality is just and exclusively what it is or would be to an all- competent all- knower; or even that it is, relatively and piece- meal, what it is to a finite and partial knower." - "John Dewey's logical theory", Delton Thomas Howard.

3) God is no longer a mere intellectual postulate, the necessary crown and lord of a great cosmic system. - "Roman Society from Nero to Marcus Aurelius", Samuel Dill.