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Spell check of Persuading

Correct spelling: Persuading

convincing, imploring, alluring, inducement, coaxing, seducing, suasion, enlisting, tempting, swaying, enticing, cajoling, conversion, winning over, urging, charming, inducing, influencing, indoctrinating, selling.

Examples of usage:

1) But Dil had a way of persuading them that was quite irresistible. - "In Wild Rose Time", Amanda M. Douglas.

2) Have you been persuading her, Mr Harley? - "One Maid's Mischief", George Manville Fenn.

3) He and Tobias made themselves merry over the trick they were playing on the people, and on having succeeded in persuading a few simple- minded persons, as well as some rascals, to testify as they wished. - "Landolin", Berthold Auerbach.