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Spell check of pampas

Correct spelling: pampas

grassland, tundra, paddock, meadow, heath, champaign, field, veld, green, lea, desert, steppe, moor, downs, plains, plain, moorland, mesa, flatness, prairie, savanna, plateau, countryside.

Examples of usage:

1) The kangaroos of Australia at a little distance seem to disappear into the soil of their respective localities, while the cat of the Pampas accurately reflects his surroundings in his fur. - "The Human Side of Animals", Royal Dixon.

2) Travellers tell many interesting tales of the play of these animals, especially on the Pampas of South America. - "The Human Side of Animals", Royal Dixon.

3) The magnificent little animals known to scientists as vizcachas, and whose homes are on the pampas of South America, are the most skilled builders of underground cities in the animal world. - "The Human Side of Animals", Royal Dixon.