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Spell check of moult

Correct spelling: moult

pour forth, cast, drop, throw off, spill, throw away, slough, cast off, shed, moulting, molt, shake off, disgorge, exuviate, molting, throw, ecdysis.

Examples of usage:

1) The birds will thrive satisfactorily for about one month in their new quarters and then care has to be taken to see that they do not get out in rainy weather, as they undergo a moult and are very subject to cold. - "Raising P.V. Squabs for Profit", John S. Trecartin.

2) As she had not read very widely, she supposed that she had discovered this religion for herself; she was not aware that everybody else had passed that way- it being the first immature moult in young people after rejecting dogma. - "The Fighting Chance", Robert W. Chambers.

3) As they grow, they outgrow their skin so they moult the old one after a new skin has formed under it. - "Free from School", Rahul Alvares.