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Spell check of mold

Correct spelling: mold

E. coli, ascertain, constitute, deviate, throw up, basket, tender, amoeba, matrix, act, put to work, taxonomy, shake off, impression, yield, organize, incline, variety, twist, upchuck, exercise, limit, bias, ilk, put, seal, regularise, perish, spring, ramble, series, chuck, label, kind, features, class, make for, implant, earth, exploit, purge, fashion, breed, category, border, manner, do work, crate, modulate, settle, bacteria, people, roll, species, fungus, throw back on, reproduction, organise, postage stamp, throw off, crook, vagabond, puzzle out, condition, play, bring, find, chest, family, crop, appearance, bin, tempt, take form, hydra, stamp, image, case, roam, lick, impart, decompose, shell, inject, drop, process, clan, plaster cast, grouping, envelope, lace, disgorge, take shape, sit, bronze, physique, run, enter, see, figure, bend, excogitate, fake, fester, spurt, mould, lichen, watch, modeling, turn, warp, form, mock up, sort, rust, cat, spew, hurtle, throw away, devise, persuasion, vomit up, designation, regorge, cultivate, simulate, pottery, wreak, feather, build, sick, work out, cast, go, ground, lot, smut, fix, twine, stoop, configuration, decide, predispose, postage, revenue stamp, influence, sour, determine, mildew, motivate, germ, open up, puke, shape, bow, curve, order, endow with, figure out, listeria, rove, work on, wander, formulate, group, die, rank, carve, set, cavity, baffle, core, level, counterfeit, modelling, moulding, race, kingdom, deform, draw, swan, diverge, infuse, putrefy, straighten, frame, molder, function, persuade, knead, curl, posture, womb, container, legal tender, pose, biodegrade, make, description, stock, cast of characters, redact, reshape, ferment, casting, microbe, box, depression, dramatis personae, grade, hammer, phylum, brand, work, soil, denomination, regurgitate, lend, make up one's mind, act upon, pestle, clay sculpture, genotype, parasite, deflect, regulate, classification, molding, throw, nature, model, catch-all, step, contrive, regularize, define, caste, grain, honk, genus, spirt, invest with, drift, forge, learn, couch, cross section, square up, hold sway, bacillus, style, find out, cup, submit, sculpt, type, ameba, solve, retch, stray, be sick, specify, strain, invent, imprint, square off, plaster bandage, decomposer, check, design, hurl, go off, curdle, cast off, line, spue, range, operate, dish, charm, degree, project, vomit, govern, pattern, shed, structure, clod, decay, stripe, surface.

Examples of usage:

1) During the weeks he had worked he had found little, until the last few days, but happening to strike a vein of ore, richer than any Larry had ever found, the two men were greatly elated, and had determined to interest the women by melting some of it out of the quartz in which it was bedded, and turning out for each a golden bullet in Larry's mold. - "The Eye of Dread", Payne Erskine.

2) Could he have seen the workings of the subtle mind concealed behind the smiling exterior, he would have felt very much less at his ease; for even now Stephen was plotting how best he could mold the material round him to serve his purpose, and while the laugh was lingering on his smooth lips, his heart was burning with hate and jealousy of the rival who sat opposite. - "Only One Love, or Who Was the Heir", Charles Garvice.

3) Mycelium of a Mold. - "Studies of American Fungi. Mushrooms, Edible, Poisonous, etc.", George Francis Atkinson.