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Spell check of ism

Correct spelling: ism

philosophy, ideology, culture, dogma, ground, theory, philosophical system, belief, doctrine, school of thought, frame of reference.

Examples of usage:

1) Bedo, Batho, Petto, and Potteang, may represent the germ of what afterwards became Buddh- ism. - "The Ethnology of the British Colonies and Dependencies", Robert Gordon Latham.

2) Heresy is in itself neither Atheism nor Theism, neither the rejection of the Church of Rome, nor of Canterbury, nor of Constantinople; heresy is not necessarily of any- ist or- ism. - "Theological Essays", Charles Bradlaugh.

3) With his usual sincerity, it is not to be wondered at that he answered this question in the negative, and, to cite the words of one of his characters, that he " refused to live in the chains which had already been forged for free thought, and to class himself under the label of an ism." - "Contemporary Russian Novelists", Serge Persky.