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Spell check of greatly

Correct spelling: greatly

intensely, roaringly, blisteringly, badly, most, wildly, fantastically, archly, stinking, desperately, real, chunkily, loftily, dang, incredibly, high-mindedly, generously, capaciously, particularly, enormously, sizably, specially, thoroughly, especially, seriously, widely, deadly, copiously, magnificently, grandly, monstrously, way, utterly, extra, eminently, mighty, sovereignly, dreadfully, thumping, fiercely, augustly, expansively, cracking, corpulently, severely, unco, fabulously, amply, ever, jolly, supremely, beastly, indeed, colossally, voluminously, heavily, princely, deeply, royally, extensively, regally, terribly, bone, magisterially, heroically, very, spanking, comprehensively, staggeringly, immensely, so, super, a lot, sore, uncommonly, achingly, dignifiedly, monstrous, greatheartedly, astronomically, toweringly, honorably, vitally, big, vastly, sorely, hugely, tremendously, largely, roaring, awfully, awful, full, filthy, imposingly, whacking, gigantically, broadly, magnanimously, such, wicked, monumentally, damned, exceptionally, massively, much, aristocratically, mightily, nobly, majorly, really, too, highly, well, grandiosely, right, considerably, majestically, spaciously, frightfully, almighty, surpassingly, impressively, passing, extremely, stupendously, gallantly, dimensionally, big-time, notably, far, exceedingly, rattling, mortally, that, corking, imperially.

dishonorably, meagerly, little, currishly, barely, just, nominally, modestly, hatefully, slightly, microscopically, despicably, hardly, invisibly, negligibly, detestably, basely, degenerately, ignobly, minutely, wretchedly, insignificantly, marginally, abominably, scarcely, infinitesimally, somewhat, minimally, scantily, contemptibly, fractionally, pitiably, sorrily, nastily, imperceptibly.

Examples of usage:

1) You are greatly changed, Peter Junior. - "The Eye of Dread", Payne Erskine.

2) This greatly surprised me. - "My Attainment of the Pole", Frederick A. Cook.

3) I don't know which he is, and it doesn't greatly matter. - "The Greater Power", Harold Bindloss W. Herbert Dunton.