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Spell check of glob

Correct spelling: glob

formal, droplet, testis, bead, nugget, puffiness, piece, hint, stumblebum, dollop, nub, a bit, gobbet, swelling, lout, sample, ballock, trace, bit, goon, knob, a little, ball, orchis, hunk, nubble, lump, clump, bollock, thumping, bunch, egg, orb, gob, drip, fragment, musket ball, thud, gawk, globule, wad, taster, oaf, lubber, driblet, nut, clustering, thump, clot, lummox, clunk, globe, cluster, fraction, chunk, clod, blob.

Examples of usage:

1) Mitchell scratched the back of his neck and looked down at the pup curled like a glob of mud on the sand in the moonlight, and an idea struck him. - "Over the Sliprails", Henry Lawson.

2) Slim took the large glob of meat though his skin crawled at the touch. - "Youth", Isaac Asimov.

3) And when I hit the bottom of the tub, the last glob moved around pretty active, trying to escape the heat, but I got it. - "The Water Eater", Win Marks.