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Spell check of get together

Correct spelling: get together

give way, contact, troop, self-control, fall in, binge, bring together, council, group meeting, dignity, give, suffer, realize, put together, pucker, ask out, sign off on, link up, set up, settle, convene, confluence, flirt, tuck, pile up, meeting, reception, stiff upper lip, wind down, break, draw, play, collaborate, codify, fulfil, strike, meet with, tack together, accept, flash mob, collapse, run into, fringe, merging, encounter, company, black tie, connect, self-discipline, evening, get, convention, operate, systematize, foregather, make, satisfy, chase, scrape together, net, turn over, cool down, join forces, loosen up, congregate, competition, tack, fulfill, meet, cooperate, coming together, gather, piece, shindig, fete, relax, reorganize, conclave, gathering, cull, self-censorship, event, conjoin, chill, conform to, collect, come across, temperance, get back, founder, blowout, adjoin, run across, conglomerate, assembly, muster, gross, coffee klatch, congregation, come by, derive, convocation, coordinate, join, congress, group, reach, affair, accumulate, receive, willpower, dinner party, generate, powwow, pick up, touch, forgather, take on, cumulate, garner, conference, pull together, buy up, round up, assemble, prioritize, see, self-restraint, amass, huddle, pair off, chat up, discipline, body, marshal, run after, link, converge, calm down, bring, manage, fill, blast, restructure, enter into, work out, cave in, structure, gain, match, stockpile, do, bash, blind date, constraint, assemblage, obtain, cope with, agree on, fit, flock, function, find, unite, crowd.