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Spell check of cubicle

Correct spelling: cubicle

electric cell, booth, chamber, room, cellphone, stand, kiosk, cell, antechamber, prison cell, jail cell, cabin, Carrel, control room, bay, cellular telephone, mobile phone, carrell, cellular phone, changing room, airlock, anteroom, cube, boiler room, sales booth, atrium, stall, stalling, cadre.

Examples of usage:

1) He glanced up at them as they came level with his cubicle. - "Eight Keys to Eden", Mark Irvin Clifton.

2) She was twenty- four, and probably only one other student, the copper- haired girl with the long thin neck and the " salt- cellars" showing through her white flannel blouse, who asked her her number and offered to show her the way to her cubicle, was more than twenty- two. - "The Story of Louie", Oliver Onions.

3) The copper- haired girl, having shown Louie her cubicle, offered to show her the rest of the house also. - "The Story of Louie", Oliver Onions.