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Spell check of awarding

Correct spelling: awarding

contributing, extending, lavishing, providing, accolade, helping, bequeathing, paying, funding, presenting, ascribing, compensating, devoting, bestowing, imparting, honoring, expending, sending, treating, honor, consigning, supplying, sweetening, allotting, inducing, prize, serving, allowing, pledging, assisting, offering, granting, dispensing, furnishing, delivering, sharing, disbursing, submitting, attributing, giving, tendering, rendering, lending, luring, enticing, showering, rationing, doling, tempting, endowing, donating, laurels, assigning, tipping, remunerating, award, rewarding, honour.

Examples of usage:

1) Perhaps in time the kindred custom of awarding prize money to naval officers, which makes of them a species of privateers, and pays them for capturing a helpless merchant ship, while an army officer gets nothing for taking the most powerful fort, may likewise be set aside as a relic of medieval warfare. - "American Merchant Ships and Sailors", Willis J. Abbot.

2) To- day the Pitso has lost much of its old importance, and tends to become a formal meeting, in which the British Commissioner causes new regulations to be read aloud, inviting discussion on points which any one present may desire to raise, and addresses the people, awarding praise or blame, and adding such exhortations as he thinks seasonable. - "Impressions of South Africa", James Bryce.

3) The following letter, quoted in full, from Thomas Cathey of Enfield, Illinois, on January 23, 1880, not merely presented a problem relating to the company's policy of awarding exclusive territories but offered considerable difficulty in deciphering: mr CumStock der ser i thaut i Wod rite yo u a few lineS to inform you that i was the fir St agent for you pills in thiS Setlement but th as iS Several agent round her and tha ar interfer With mee eSpeSly William a StavSon he liveS her at enfield he Wanted mee to giv him one of you Sur klerS So he Wod be agent but i Wodent let hi m hav hit an he rote to you i SupoSe an haS got a Suplye of pillS an ar aruning a gant mee he iS Sell ing them at 20 centS a box i Want you to St op him if you pleeS mr CumStock i Sent you too dollars the 21 p leeS Credet my a Count With hit mr. - "History of the Comstock Patent Medicine Business and Dr. Morse's Indian Root Pills", Robert B. Shaw.