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Spell check of Zaid

Correct spelling: Zaid

Examples of usage:

1) At Jezzeen our tents were found ready pitched in a grove of noble walnut- trees, with the brook Zaid running among them; near alongside was a Maronite convent, with a bridge. - "Byeways in Palestine", James Finn.

2) I thought I was nodt like these beople down here, when I gome down once to look aroundt; I thought I must be somethings else, and zo I zaid I better take myself in time, and I gome here among my brothers- the becears and the thiefs! - "A Hazard of New Fortunes", William Dean Howells.

3) I've zaid I doan't bleeve in et, zo I 'ave. - "The Birthright", Joseph Hocking.