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Spell check of Zacharias

Correct spelling: Zacharias

Examples of usage:

1) Pope Joan figured amongst them, between Leo the Fourth and Benedict the Third, till the year 1600, when she was turned out, at the instance of Clement the Eighth, to make room for Zacharias the First. - "Dreams, Waking Thoughts, and Incidents", William Beckford.

2) Here appear many of his well- known types of face; the melancholy features of Pan are repeated in the turbaned youth in the top row, intended perhaps to be Solomon; the Christ of the Uffizi " Holy Family" is in the second tier to the left; the powerful Zacharias from the Berlin Tondo in the lowest. - "Luca Signorelli", Maud Cruttwell.

3) Then the king rose early in the morning and had his army set out at full speed along the road to Beth- zacharias and his forces prepared for battle and the trumpets were sounded. - "The Makers and Teachers of Judaism", Charles Foster Kent.