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Spell check of z's

Correct spelling: z's

dozing, slumbering, rest, resting, slumber, snoozing, bed, repose, catnapping, napping, shut-eye.

consciousness, sleeplessness, wake, insomnia, wakefulness.

Examples of usage:

1) You surely cannot be so ignorant as not to know that a well made x is neither more nor less than two c's joined together back to back, instead of these senseless crosses you seem so fond of; and as to your z's, I defy any one to distinguish them from your y's. - "Marriage", Susan Edmonstone Ferrier.

2) " Where do you get your X's and Z's? - "Hildegarde's Harvest", Laura E. Richards.

3) Likewise Doctor Z's manner had been deceiving. - ""Speaking of Operations--"", Irvin S. Cobb.