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Spell check of yak

Correct spelling: yak

ermine, sable, go on, polecat, alpaca, leopard, ferret, clack, otter, cougar, bear, elephant, stag, mongoose, goat, gnu, lion, rat, jackal, Bactrian camel, shrew, mink, chattering, joke, jape, wolf, wombat, bison, koala, swine, hamster, lemming, horse, porcupine, ox, deer, wheeze, camel, mule, skunk, dog, gazelle, dromedary, lynx, fox, caribou, tiger, rhinoceros, hippopotamus, opossum, ibex, echidna, raccoon, reindeer, marmot, chinchilla, gag, bobcat, panda, antelope, weasel, stoat, puma, jaw, words, jest, possum, hedgehog, palaver, gopher, panther, chipmunk, waffle, chatter, prattle, cavy, jaguar, hog, sloth, run on, coyote, laugh, Bos Grunniens, chitchat, mouse, jabber, donkey, water buffalo, cow, giant panda, yakety-yak, arctic fox, cheetah, wallaby, mole, yack, gossip, buffalo, llama, ocelot, sheep, cackle, platypus, cat, hyena, squirrel, rabbit, elk, spiel, burro, pig, giraffe, beaver, prate, hare, camelopard, blabber, gas, dingo, kangaroo, moose, babble, zebra, gab.

Examples of usage:

1) Her tresses far surpass the clouds, the night, the yak, Or bees, or moss: Her eyebrow- tendril set on a crescent brow, surpasses Bow and bees and snakes. - "Vidyapati Bangiya Padabali Songs of the love of Radha and Krishna", Vidyapati Thakura.

2) The cattle were native to the planet, heavy- bodied unicorns the size of a Gram bisonoid or one of the slightly mutated Terran carabaos on Tanith, with long hair like a Terran yak. - "Space Viking", Henry Beam Piper.

3) Barbaric splendor and splendor that was not by any means barbaric lay all about- tiger skins, ivory- legged chairs, graven bronze vases, and a yak- hair shawl worth a rajah's ransom. - "King--of the Khyber Rifles", Talbot Mundy.