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Spell check of yahoo

Correct spelling: yahoo

dullard, stock, boor, imbecile, deadhead, mome, donkey, stupe, noddy, half-wit, yo-yo, woodenhead, nit, golem, dip, barbarian, yokel, cretin, dumbbell, schnook, dum-dum, bubblehead, nimrod, chuff, prat, schlub, dummkopf, cluck, vulgarian, ninny, nitwit, dummy, hick, chowderhead, dodo, mug, loggerhead, lump, chawbacon, numskull, simpleton, birdbrain, cuddy, clunk, noodle, natural, know-nothing, moron, dimwit, dim bulb, savage, meathead, lunkhead, brute, loon, dunderhead, hammerhead, chucklehead, dork, rube, ratbag, thickhead, bonehead, goof, dolt, hayseed, beast, blockhead, gander, saphead, hardhead, clodpoll, knucklehead, churl, oaf, nincompoop, good, bumpkin, ninnyhammer, dunce, goon, Philistine, doofus, lamebrain, airhead, ignoramus, mutt, fathead, turkey, dumbhead, clot, pinhead.

whiz, brain, genius, intellectual, egghead, sharpie, thinker, intellect, wizard, polymath, sage, Renaissance man.

Examples of usage:

1) However, when a search didn't give any result in Yahoo! - "Booknology: The eBook (1971-2010)", Marie Lebert.

2) But the last time I asked a member of Congress to dine, he sent me back a note in pencil on my own envelope that he would bring two of his friends with him, very respectable constituents from Yahoo city, or some such place; nature's noblemen, he said. - "Democracy An American Novel", Henry Adams.

3) When they went away, they unanimously asked me to stay with them when I visited Yahoo city. - "Democracy An American Novel", Henry Adams.