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Spell check of Yachtsmen

Correct spelling: Yachtsmen

Examples of usage:

1) For She, and she alone, has got The proper breed of modern Yachtsmen! - "Misrepresentative Men", Harry Graham.

2) A third time they made the transit; and on this occasion one of the yachtsmen carried a leather portmanteau, and the others a lady's trunk and carriage bag. - "New-Arabian-Nights", Stevenson, Robert Louis.

3) Dotting the western coast of Istria, between Trieste and Pola, are four small towns- Parenzo, Pirano, Capodistria and Rovigno- all purely and distinctively Italian, and, on the other side of the peninsula, the famous resort of Abbazia, popular with wealthy Hungarians and with the yachtsmen of all nations before the war. - "The New Frontiers of Freedom from the Alps to the Ægean", Edward Alexander Powell.