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Spell check of want

Correct spelling: want

shortcoming, lust, inadequacy, trust, failing, ask, plea, wants, inquiry, requisite, rely, contemplate, postulate, rely on, compliments, insist, inadequateness, desire, nonexistence, pauperism, indispensable, cry out for, crunch, ache, will, solicit, long, mendicancy, pine, randy, believe, hunger, deprivation, emptiness, scantiness, impoverishment, dereliction, come on, distress, void, demand, undersupply, absence, obligatory, compulsion, wish list, wishing, default, order up, hardship, command, excited, foible, wish, extremity, sin, beggary, necessitate, like, destituteness, urgency, insolvency, lust after, petition, entreaty, invite, hope, involve, expect, deserve, vital, hone, owned, need, itch, embarrassment, pinch, poorness, scarcity, well-earned, summon, indirect request, craving, tenuity, paucity, fatality, pennilessness, privation, shortage, poverty, grasp, famine, dearth, question, exigency, anticipate, summons, welcome, dream of, at all costs, truancy, arouse, demerit, probe, fate, insufficiency, scarceness, indispensableness, call away, neediness, emergency, lack, vacuity, presume, deficit, rate, due, require, abstraction, essential, depend on, bankruptcy, drought, ask for, await, shortfall, please, deficiency, intend, go on, covet, thirst, basic, loss, vacancy, indispensability, necessary, deserved, deserving, choose, penuriousness, homelessness, compulsory, hot, entreat, query, impecuniousness, sine qua non, failure, pant, solicitation, fancy, aspire, penury, indigence, needfulness, inquire, take, motive, pauperization, urge, request, shoot, hanker, send for, implore, asceticism, belong to, lacuna, invitation, regard, claim, appeal, crave, frailty, destitution, beggarliness, call for, miss, vice, frisky, assume, plead, necessity, bid, look for, impecuniosity, weakness, destiny, motivation, seek, omission, of necessity, the Holy Grail, requirement, requisition, undeserved, excite, yearn.

fill, loads, volume, prosperity, overabundance, mass, righteousness, merit, luxury, fund, freedom, flood, affluence, probity, raft, hoard, contingency, oodles, gobs, plentifulness, pool, stock, virtue, goodness, cache, enough, excellence, possibility, plenteousness, bountifulness, dubiousness, opulence, superabundance, surfeit, plenty, uncertainty, richness, integrity, stash, peck, morality, doubtfulness, reams, scads, pile, sufficiency, quantity, amplitude, wad, doubt, copiousness, stack, plentitude, wealth, fortuity, abundance, excess, adequacy, supply, bounty, wealthiness, plenitude, stockpile, perfection, oversupply, surplus, bushel, deluge, mountain, rectitude, choice, option, deal, heap, much, lot, presence.

Examples of usage:

1) I never want to see him around here again. - "Leo the Circus Boy", Ralph Bonehill.

2) You see, I want to get all this sort of thing over before Jane arrives! - "Jane Oglander", Marie Belloc Lowndes.

3) I want a true answer, mind! - "Jane Oglander", Marie Belloc Lowndes.