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Spell check of Waded

Correct spelling: Waded

Examples of usage:

1) The curve of the net was now reduced to fifty feet, and soon it was not above forty; and at this stage of the proceedings what with the weight being collected in such narrow limits, and the water being so shallow, the captain became doubtful of its bearing so tremendous a strain as would be caused by its being hauled bodily ashore, so about twenty men waded in behind the great bag that it formed, and at the word of command as two parties hauled at either end they stooped down, and gathering up a fair quantity of the tightened net in their hands, they too helped, and the thirty or forty feet of shallow water was soon covered, the seine being dragged so that the lead or bottom- line was drawn right on to dry land, and the cork- line raised so that there was a fence of net some three feet above the top of the water, and in the long shallow pool, whose bottom was net, there were the fish by the thousand, rushing to and fro, leaping over each other, and showing flashes of silver, gold, blue, and green, in the bright sun as it shone on the animated scene. - "Menhardoc", George Manville Fenn.

2) An hour's march brought them to a small stream, which was crossed without waiting for boats or hunting for bridges, as it was easily waded. - "The Boy Volunteers with the French Airmen", Kenneth Ward.

3) After a short skirmish they surrendered, and we waded safely through the stream. - "In the Shadow of Death", P. H. Kritzinger and R. D. McDonald.