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Spell check of wad

Correct spelling: wad

impede, compress, wallet, piling, contract, potty, mussiness, push-down storage, grind away, mastication, gross, pound, crash, backing, bulk, big money, surge, vision, carry, loot, plenty, push-down stack, male plug, money, locoweed, money order, plentifulness, million, drive, push-down store, big, scratch, kitty, set, swot up, take, chew, fireplug, load down, currency, assets, weed, muddle, fix, cumulation, galvanic pile, voltaic pile, plentitude, wealth, fold, big bucks, sess, truckload, fiber, ingot, tummy, view, mickle, cud, dollar, bundle, luck, jade, fistful, dozen, bucket, hatful, nugget, caboodle, gage, jam, push-down list, plenteousness, bunch, coating, clump, reams, bond, pretty penny, softwood, multiplicity, cluster, spark plug, basketful, mount, dollop, wampum, gobbet, roll up, line, sens, chain reactor, peck, pickle, hunch, clutch, income, IOU, obstruct, smokestack, fibre, balance sheet, clod, bundle up, carload, stopper, yard, commode, business deal, batch, clot, potful, close up, ways and means, barrel, nub, dough, tamp down, pounds, muss, nap, hundred, quite a little, rechewed food, multitude, cash, skunk, chaw, sparking plug, gold, potentiometer, pound sterling, rich, lucre, chunk, fortune, chewing, bankroll, bone, messiness, mess, crush, grass, mint candy, stop, knot, bushel, gobs, foam, quantity, cram, visual modality, bus, destiny, boatload, capital, bank note, sheaf, worth, megabucks, check, shipload, ram, ram down, passel, whole slew, portion, proceeds, bullion, can, crapper, greenback, hand, compact, spate, jackpot, squeeze, atomic pile, stilt, much, corporation, scad, plenitude, hank, spending money, circumstances, cumulus, tidy sum, swag, trade, coupon, petty cash, kettle of fish, copper, face, draft, change, mob, pad, bank, stock, gathering, pack, quid, knob, tamp, trillion, fate, promissory note, whole lot, smoke, good deal, great deal, mess hall, swot, bomb, agglomerate, lashings, deal, blob, mound, bone up, potbelly, fire hydrant, spile, abundance, chock up, wherewithal, cloud, billow, backpack, bill, treasure, ken, earth, store, hype, zillion, people, flowerpot, jalopy, constrict, throng, nubble, hoi polloi, upholstery, sterling, pyramid, press, mug up, inlay, mountain, troop, sight, green goddess, stopple, silver, atomic reactor, visual sense, gob, part, block, glob, myriad, packet, heap, ton, profusion, jampack, hoopla, stool, freshet, pile, insulate, plug, mass, get up, jillion, throne, bay window, bargain, force, lump, survey, rush, practice bundling, circle, coinage, slew, stack, occlude, upsurge, fog, net worth, flock, drum, funds, boodle, issue, lot, oodles, muckle, note, manduction, band, tuft, drift, quid pro quo, obturate, draw, froth, profit, moolah, ballyhoo, hack, hunk, plateful, down, wall, volume, ream, load, masses, receipts, mint, nag, king's ransom, purse, loads, raft, pack together, interline, pocket money, scads, bunch up.

handful, shred, peanuts, ace, bit, sprinkle, ray, dab, streak, flyspeck, grain, morsel, dearth, touch, granule, spot, mouthful, dash, driblet, drop, scantness, pinch, scarcity, ounce, insufficiency, nip, nubbin, petty cash, trace, lick, lack, deficiency, atom, shot, absence, famine, dram, iota, shadow, mite, paucity, pin money, scintilla, particle, scrap, hint, dot, piece, molecule, tad, crumb, spending money, meagerness, mote, fleck, whit, undersupply, smattering, sprinkling, pittance, speck, shortage, strain, jot, fragment, section, tittle, smidgen, skimpiness, shade, scruple, taste, inadequacy, pocket money, suspicion, glimmer, portion, poverty, scantiness, modicum, little, deficit, smatter, want, scarceness.

Examples of usage:

1) Ye wad rayther, mayhap, that I asked hersel' aboot it! - "The Martins Of Cro' Martin, Vol. II (of II)", Charles James Lever.

2) My fayther wad hae askit her hoo much has she earned the day? - "The Martins Of Cro' Martin, Vol. II (of II)", Charles James Lever.

3) Julia arose the instant her caller's back was turned, gathered the streaming bits of paper into a tight wad in her two hands, and going to the kitchen, flung them in the stove. - "The Man from Jericho", Edwin Carlile Litsey.