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Spell check of wacky

Correct spelling: wacky

cockamamy, psycho, foolish, curious, loony, simpleminded, batty, hysterical, dizzy, peculiar, funny, unhinged, around the bend, loco, weirdo, demented, zestful, daffy, nutty, bonkers, roughened, slaphappy, daft, screwball, wild, giddy, balmy, nuts, punch-drunk, fatuous, knowledge, brainsick, wacko, way-out, airheaded, senseless, funky, erratic, bats, dippy, unbalanced, weird, witless, imbecilic, out-of-the-way, wrong, hilarious, empty-headed, cracked, zesty, disordered, half-witted, crackpot, crackers, spaced-out, offbeat, goofy, silly, alligatored, light-headed, round the bend, wud, asinine, bedlam, harebrained, mad, playful, idiotic, wry, mild, gaga, nutlike, meshuga, chapped, clownlike, kinky, crazy, non compos mentis, crackbrained, sappy, far-out, loony tunes, insane, dopey, haywire, ridiculous, barmy, outré, cranky, whacky, mentally ill, unearthly, tomfool, softheaded, quirky, loopy, psychotic, brainless, featherheaded, awry, comic, half-baked, pathetic, moronic, cuckoo, bizarro, off-kilter, lunatic, bughouse, strange, lightheaded, unreasonable, moonstruck, dotty, off, yeasty, inept, maniacal, maniac, priceless, kookie, buffoonish, kooky, rum, humorous, screwy, sane, off-the-wall, bananas, eccentric, soft, outlandish, distraught, nonsensical, scatty, buggy, comical, deranged, cockeyed, mental, certifiable, remarkable, absurd, touched, unwise, bubbleheaded, lunkheaded, cockamamie, queerish, quaint, preposterous, unsound, jerky, amusing, fruity, amiss, bizarre, featherbrained, crazed, zany, weak-minded, ability, clownish, fool.

common, clear, judicious, conservative, familiar, frequent, everyday, rational, average, well-adjusted, sensible, commonplace, clever, garden, prosaic, sane, reasonable, ordinary, sage, intelligent, workaday, regular, smart, conventional, knee-jerk, well-advised, unneurotic, balanced, usual, brainy, customary, standard, wonted, sagacious, unexceptional, lucid, typical, normal, conformist, habitual, sapient, unremarkable, run-of-the-mill, logical, prudent, valid, sound, predictable, wise, compos mentis, routine, healthy, expected, bright.

Examples of usage:

1) Have you gone wacky on me? - "The Lost Warship", Robert Moore Williams.

2) If Jerry started for the swamp at this time of night he must be wacky! - "Swamp Island", Mildred A. Wirt.

3) I have an idea, said Morey slowly, and it doesn't seem too wacky. - "The Black Star Passes", John W Campbell.