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Spell check of virtue

Correct spelling: virtue

intrepidness, right, feature, valor, faultlessness, bravery, doughtiness, fearlessness, hardihood, guiltlessness, morality, sexual abstention, modesty, distinction, rightness, fairness, rectitude, upstandingness, blamelessness, lawfulness, quality, deservingness, truth, justice, inability, innocence, daring, uprightness, heart, kindness, cardinal virtue, good, intrepidity, honor, because of, candor, justness, trait, fineness, gallantry, generosity, restraint, worth, intestinal fortitude, daringness, virtuousness, honesty, stature, caliber, fair play, faithfulness, purity, cleanness, lack, merit, whiteness, gutsiness, achievement, respectability, heroism, excellence, impartiality, excellency, temper, because, law, meritoriousness, probity, ethicality, legality, character, grace, decency, sexual morality, greatheartedness, attribute, value, stoutness, moxie, goodness, integrity, way, dauntlessness, beauty, accomplishment, ideal, worthiness, moral excellence, creditability, trustworthiness, characteristic, guts, ethics, pureness, capacity, high-mindedness, bottle, rightfulness, prowess, celibacy, courageousness, chastity, equity, nerve, property, perfection, ethic, nobility, righteousness, virginity.

disvalue, defect, timorousness, demerit, cravenness, dishonesty, perversion, pervertedness, favoritism, faintheartedness, failing, flaw, debauchery, injustice, indecency, softness, crookedness, evil, degradation, partiality, weakness, irresolution, immorality, blemish, cowardliness, cold feet, impropriety, vileness, wrong, spinelessness, degeneracy, deficiency, sinfulness, corruption, fearfulness, iniquity, sin, wickedness, dastardliness, meanness, lowness, unfairness, unlawfulness, depravity, negative, villainy, untruth, underhandedness, cowardice, poltroonery, indecision, indiscretion, impotence, unscrupulousness, indecorum, hesitation, badness, evildoing, minus, feebleness, mousiness, timidity, ineffectualness, drawback, unreasonableness, inequity, fault, viciousness, indecisiveness.

Examples of usage:

1) Not that they make any virtue of strenuous labour. - "Contemporary Socialism", John Rae.

2) I have but one virtue; I am not funny. - "The Mystery of the Locks", Edgar Watson Howe.

3) Bobby Galleon's virtue was, at any rate, that one was not conscious of him, and during the time of Peter's popularity he was useful without being in the very least evident. - "Fortitude", Hugh Walpole.