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Spell check of very

Correct spelling: very

quite, one and the same, clean, in truth, true, thoroughgoing, good and, awful, exceedingly, unqualified, de facto, genuine, intensely, considerably, precious, immensely, definite, plumb, big, exact, to a great extent, identical, unusually, positively, factual, ever so, bodacious, simple, somewhat, most, really, actually, simply, very much, almighty, extraordinarily, outright, unmitigated, stark, deeply, astonishingly, crashing, certainly, cotton-picking, pretty, much, unconditional, almightily, total, beyond measure, dreadfully, hugely, bare, tremendously, consummate, so, by far, severely, highly, flat, indispensably, right smart, noticeably, actual, categorical, perfect, to a fault, rather, identic, unalloyed, well, genuinely, eminently, urgently, pressingly, arrant, deadly, dead, profound, mighty, powerful, include, indeed, hell of a, substantially, truly, rattling, wonderfully, uncommonly, largely, conspicuously, thoroughly, exaggeratedly, acutely, imperatively, existent, effective, greatly, complete, a lot, seriously, Midland, flat-out, downright, more or less, unadulterated, awfully, regular, surprisingly, specific, dearly, dreadful, enormously, straight-out, sizably, immoderately, extremely, same, right, utter, just so, thorough, sure-enough, out-and-out, extra, fair, blooming, prodigiously, decidedly, stone, rank, excessively, precise, remarkably, vastly, materially, concrete, blank, notably, powerfully, amply, infinitely, damned, no end, all-out, superlatively, exceptionally, particularly, sheer, mere, incredibly, emphatically, pure, selfsame, absolute, real, markedly, extensively.

diverse, conjectural, equivocal, envisaged, other, possible, theoretical, envisioned, legendary, supposed, discriminable, reputed, abstract, hypothetical, qualified, chimerical, differentiable, doubtful, questionable, visualized, dissimilar, alleged, inexistent, pretend, symbolic, fictional, imaginary, distinctive, platonic, fanciful, fake, romantic, unreal, invented, pictured, another, ideal, fabled, various, potential, conceived, unlike, restricted, distinguishable, disparate, unalike, imprecise, virtual, made-up, fabricated, imagined, different, illusory, make-believe, suppositional, fictitious, assumed, varied, uncertain, nonexistent, dubious, distinct.

Examples of usage:

1) A difficulty has to be met at the very outset. - "The Expositor's Bible: The Book of Exodus", G. A. Chadwick.

2) " I think not," Mrs. Maule at last answered, very quietly. - "Jane Oglander", Marie Belloc Lowndes.

3) A very good time! - "Jane Oglander", Marie Belloc Lowndes.