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Spell check of vacate

Correct spelling: vacate

knock over, depart from, allow, discharge, move on, vent, recant, quash, let go, spare, filch, retract, abandon, repudiate, snarf, jettison, subvert, upset, sneak, dismiss, throw overboard, overrule, cabbage, capitulate, tip over, hoist, abdicate, cancel, overthrow, dissolve, elevate, go away, forgo, clean out, lay off, disclaim, fall by the wayside, accept, step down, chuck up the sponge, dispel, revolutionise, null, drop by the wayside, efface, abate, throw in the towel, rear, move up, void, shed, hook, obliterate, repeal, overturn, bring up, reverse, go up, absent, renounce, free, desert, discontinue, give up, turn over, bow out, nullify, stop, turn back, arise, empty, wipe, bring down, plagiarize, defect, abjure, annihilate, waive, leave, forswear, retire, tump over, come away, withdraw, invalidate, release, uprise, wind, part with, relegate, rid, relinquish, negate, lift, depart, revolutionize, abstract, reconcile, undo, deliver, cross, terminate, forego, clear, rustle, stand down, expunge, erase, bowl over, leave office, drop, revoke, plagiarise, kick, rescind, face-lift, discard, rise, foreswear, come up, scratch, quit, surrender, pinch, disannul, airlift, change by reversal, override, rub, disappear, disintegrate, annul, turn, omit, forsake, abrogate, swipe, pilfer, step aside, continue, countermand, get away, cast off, cede, submit, strike down, purloin, blot, disown, avoid, cease, invert, evacuate, nobble, dispose, raise, full, dispense with, draw out, strike, forfeit, reject, desolate, drop out, resign, get up, throw in, delete, roll back.

defend, legislate, fill, protect, clear, cherish, adopt, decree, legitimate, establish, keep, ratify, occupy, sanction, pass, hold, claim, formalize, allow, assert, lay down, favor, order, retain, prescribe, enact, prosecute, mandate, legitimize, advocate, uphold, permit, legalize, authorize, seek, command, undertake, validate, court, load, approve, support, maintain, warrant, found, haunt, endorse, pursue, institute, vindicate.

Examples of usage:

1) But, in that case, why vacate it now for Barney Chard? - "Gone Fishing", James H. Schmitz.

2) This objection to a change was avoided, while a part of the practical inconvenience was removed, by a provision in the Reform Act of 1867 that a person who has been elected to Parliament since he became a minister shall not vacate his seat on account of accepting a different office in the ministry. - "The Government of England (Vol. I)", A. Lawrence Lowell.

3) I'll want an option on every share you have, and I can't offer more than ten per cent royalty; but to compensate for that I'll agree to pay in full or vacate within six months from date. - "Shadow Mountain", Dane Coolidge.