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Spell check of vacant

Correct spelling: vacant

absent, unreasonable, tenuous, empty-headed, occupied, forsaken, no-show, derelict, stolid, sluggish, vain, gone, illusory, departed, ethereal, trifling, application, immaterial, open, latent, non-subsistent, spectral, beatific, clear, seasonal, affirmative action, darkly, free, illogical, used, unemployed, away, expressionless, null, bare, catatonic, inhabited, nonexistence, fallow, void, devoid, numb, unconcrete, chimerical, phantasmal, vacated, appealing, idle, disused, unthoughtful, apply, clean, empty, intelligent, unreal, mindless, unfilled, toom, unintelligent, curious, dormant, omitted, nonexistent, appraisal, usable, silly, full, bid, uninhabited, foolish, meaningless, stark, barren, dark, applicant, witty, indolent, bidder, inessential, otiose, dead, unsubstantial, blank, unused, inane, appraise, unthinking, spare, thoughtless, black, wanting, bleak, slothful, rejected, abstract, impalpable, unoccupied, weightless, application form, forgotten, insignificance, inactive, giddy, lacking, inert, deadpan, inoperative, intangible, inexpressive, accessible, missing, elsewhere, going, abandoned, brooding, available, hollow, witless, apparitional, desolate, out, brainless, unexisting, vacuous, truant, fatuous, impassive, off, bug-eyed, biodata, lazy, deserted, public.

exuberant, replete, theatrical, redeemed, overflowing, furnished, feasible, flush, useful, complete, gesticulative, interested, functional, usable, animated, packed, alive, workable, salvaged, melodramatic, rehabbed, revealing, employed, reclaimed, gestural, lively, demonstrative, revelatory, supplied, effervescent, busy, viable, working, vivacious, operating, assiduous, unreserved, operative, full, unrestrained, provided, expressive, saved, living, sedulous, rescued, expansive, going, occupied, operable, running, retrieved, dynamic, filled, industrious, gestic, on, bright, recovered, teeming, vigorous, diligent, responsive, practical, emotional, operational, engaged, eloquent, rehabilitated, functioning, energetic, gesticulatory, active, restored, reconditioned.

Examples of usage:

1) The world was vacant and dead. - "My Attainment of the Pole", Frederick A. Cook.

2) I did as she asked, and took a vacant chair near her. - "The Man from Jericho", Edwin Carlile Litsey.

3) When you buy vacant property in a large city, it is mere speculation. - "Dollars and Sense", Col. Wm. C. Hunter.