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Spell check of udder

Correct spelling: udder

mammilla, pap, dish, base, purse, traveling bag, bagful, mammary gland, handbag, bag, pocketbook, suitcase, old bag, grip, teat, cup of tea.

Examples of usage:

1) Only dis one Ah done found in de rain, but de udder one was in a fiah! - "The Story of a Stuffed Elephant", Laura Lee Hope.

2) A cow that is fresh can be judged as to ability to produce good milk from all four quarters of the udder in adequate amount. - "A Living from the Land", William B. Duryee.

3) Flanks and the udder should be clipped of hair, thus facilitating a clean condition of the animal at all times. - "A Living from the Land", William B. Duryee.