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Spell check of UCT

Correct spelling: UCT

Examples of usage:

1) And Uct Dealv would reply: " Yes, that is my mortal, my lover, my pulse, and my one treasure." - "Irish Fairy Tales", James Stephens.

2) Or they stood dreaming together, locked in a clasping of arms and eyes, gazing up and down on each other, Iollan staring down into sweet grey wells that peeped and flickered under thin brows, and Uct Dealv looking up into great black ones that went dreamy and went hot in endless alternation. - "Irish Fairy Tales", James Stephens.

3) Then Iollan would go back to the world of men, and Uct Dealv would return to her occupations in the Land of the Ever Young. - "Irish Fairy Tales", James Stephens.