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Spell check of UAR

Correct spelling: UAR

Examples of usage:

1) 559. Whately, Richard, 312. Whedon, Daniel D., 605. When Januar Winds, 217. When We Two Parted, 255. Whipple, E. P., 385. Whistle, The, 362. Whitaker: Alexander, 333. White, Richard Grant, 575. White, William, 597. Whitefield, George, 214, 595. Whitewashing, Letter on, 388. Whitman, Walt, 479, 546- 551, 555. Whittier, John Greenleaf, 334, 343, 344, 352, 353, 435, 482, 489, 495, 518- 524, 533, 543, 544, 550, 555, 558, 574. Whittingham, William, 300. Why Come Ye Not to Courte? - "Brief History of English and American Literature", Henry A. Beers.

2) At last nothing remained to the invaders but their great fortified camp, Uar or Auaris, which they had established at the time of their arrival upon the eastern frontier, and had ever since kept up. - "Ancient Egypt", George Rawlinson Other: Arthur Gilman.